Tetra-pak packaging recycling solutions

Tetra-pak is a Swedish tetra-pak company research and development products, because of its easy to use, the modeling is novel, beautifully printed, more than eight months, which is widely used in dairy products and other industries. Lu: sue composite material, tetra pak use paper from inside to outside a total of 6 layer structure, base material with high strength cohere or by the preservation effect. Because of its complex structure, lead to difficulties in tetra pak recycling. If not recycled tetra pak, on the one hand, causing serious pollution of the environment, on the other hand, a waste of resources with high quality. Prepare for tetra pak recycling has both social benefits and economic benefits.

Recycling is not the only way to dispose of old cartons responsibly. They can also be incinerated and the energy recovered to generate heat and electricity. Some countries, such as Denmark, have decided to handle rubbish in this way. In Europe in 2007, 33% of all drink cartons were used to generate energy.

INTCO produce a machine that can deal with the Tetra pak package, which can dewater the liquid and then densify the empty bottles and cans. they have installed in Pepsico in Thailand and in Brazil Coca-cola Enterprises. if you have this kind of waste packaging, pls click: www.intco.com.cn

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